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Our Ingredients

It is healthy (and it’s good for the soul) the costant research of the most
authentic and typical ingredients from the culinary tradition, such as “local”
vegetables and fruits, the best organic meat from the region, the catch of the
day fish.



We are in a magical place, a small mill that grounds the wheat from the lands
of the Casentino and Val di Chiana using only the energy of the Solano
torrent to set the stone mill in motion.

Since 1696 a family of the area, the Grifoni, has maintained the property to
this day, passing it down from generation to generation.

The particularity of this flour is a specific property : once processed it is able
to preserve the wheat germ, and therefore most of the vitamins of group B
and E.

The wheat germ is the leaf that remains inside the grain since germination.
That’s why observing these flours you can see many golden dots, just these
straws give a real benefit to our diet.

The fact that even today this activity is still so vital and that so many people
from the nearby Florence and Siena go there to get large stocks of flour and
vegetables, gives us the proof of how Italy continues to be the country of
good food and of the best products.

And the most important thing is that the use of these flours allows to combine
the principles of a healthy nutrition with the flavor: their scent is unmistakable
and remains in the bread, in the focaccia (or “schiacciata” as we say in
Florence) and in all the products that contain them.



We have chosen “La Valle del Sasso”, near S.Brigida on the Florentine hills,
for the particular attention dedicated to the feeding of the animals, using only
local hay, local cereals, bought whole and ground in the farm. Flours made by
third parties or compound feed are not used. Diets are supplemented with
fresh grass, wild apples and pears and seasonal vegetables from the
vegetable garden.

In addition, being a few steps from the S.Ambrogio market allows us to stay
in direct contact with the best historical butchers of our neiborhood: for some
particular cuts of meat and poultry ( strictly free-range), such as the chickens
of Montespertoli or the national beef for the Florentine Steak, we collaborate directly with the butcher Luca Menoni, icon of quality and excellence, as well
as president of the Florentine Butcher Association “i Beccai Fiorentini”, born
in the fifteenth century.


A few steps from Florence every day our chef selects the best vegetables
directly from the producer at the farm “il Mulino” in Via del Padule, which
cultivates the fields right next to our river Arno, in the town of Bagno a Ripoli.

An excellent farm that produces vegetables throughout the year; depending
on the season you can find chard, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, leeks, green
beans, fresh peas, fava beans, melons, zucchini, beetroot, fennels, peppers,
tomatoes, courgettes, pumpkins; together with aromatic herbs such as basil,
parsley, sage, rosemary, mint, coriander and thyme.

There are some fruit trees, which depending on the period offer us cherries,
peaches, plums, figs, kaki and pomegranates.

We also select the best fruit and vegetables directly from the farmers of the
Sant’Ambrogio Market, 2 minutes from our restaurant: the ideal place to
know, breathe, smell, experience the unique beauty and authenticity of the
best products of the Tuscan tradition.



Every day we select the best catch of the day that arrives directly from the
Viareggio dock on our Tyrrhenian sea, thanks to the precious help of Verrini,
who with over 50 years of experience in the fishing industry guarantees the
freshness and quality of the fish caught during the day.

The guideline is freshness; and it is here that we remember the words of Chef
Massimo Fondi, with whom we had the pleasure of cooking, when he was
saying that “the fish has 24 qualities, and loses one quality every hour that is
out of the water”.

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