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Homemade Pasta and Bread

Two fundamental foods for our food experience,
as simple as they are good, prepared in our kitchen only
with selected flours.



In the past the respect for this food was absolute, for many the only food available.

The authentic recipe bread, the one without salt, homemade with flour from a stone ground mill. Today, unfortunately, the natural yeast has been replaced with beer yeast.

Our homemade bread, wants to be a principle: for this reason, for our bread recipe, we use only two ingredients: stone-ground flour and our natural “mother” yeast.



The fresh pasta, a very simple mix of just flour and eggs, is certainly one of the iconic symbols of Italian culture.

The idea of taking the time to make the real homemade pasta has the magical taste of the classic Tuscan tradition, prepared strictly by hand, using the rolling pin and wooden board, in order to make unique products such as: tortelli, cappelletti, ravioli, spaghetti alla chitarra, fettuccine, pappardelle, tagliolini, lasagne, maltagliati …

Combining two simple ingredients to “create” something new is one of the simplest ways to share goodness with the people we love.

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