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Executive Manager

Max Amini

He began in the culinary world at a very young age. Before Touch was created, Max had over fifteen years of previous experience. He worked at prestigious establishments in Tuscany, such as Quattro Amici, Harry’s Bar, and il Covo del Clandestino. Then he traveled around the world to Los Angeles where he combined his knowledge of the catering industry and his natural ability for hospitality.

Through these years of working abroad he gained mentors from around the world. Some of these include “Top ChefFabio Viviani and Chef Massimo Fondi, who taught him: “the fish has 24 qualities and loses 1 quality every hour he is out of the water” to explain that freshness and quality is the key to success.

Max pays close attention to detail while coordinating and managing the creation of the menu, presentation of the plates, and the design of the wine list. The most important characteristic of Max is that from the moment the guest walks into the restaurant, he ensures that they are able to feel the elegance and quality of their experience.

Max uses his own experience to give quality attention to the guests, being cordial but not intrusive, in order for each guest to feel welcome.



Executive Chef


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