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Our philosophy is to give a ‘touch’ of freshness to the traditional Tuscan cuisine and to emphasize the excitement of simplicity in each dish.
The leading concept focuses on the importance of seasonal and local ingredients.
“Creativity and Tradition in Cuisine.”

Executive Chef

General Manager


Touch Bistrò Toscano was born behind school desks, class 5B hotel management & culinary college Aurelio Saffi in Florence. At the beginning the idea was to open a restaurant on the hills of Chianti in Tuscany but after graduation each of us were heading in different directions around the world.

Then in 2012 the original project came out from the drawer and became a reality – Touch Bistrò Toscano. The result was to open a new restaurant in Florence that offered a culinary experience in which each plate kept the traditional Tuscan roots while reinventing the dishes with a touch of creativity.

Other than the restaurant, we offer private cooking classes in both Florence and Chianti at the vineyard of Colle Bereto owned by the Pinzauti family.

The goal of every day is to enhance the quality of the seasonal ingredients, take care of our guests with a deep passion and consciousness that exemplifies “cooking for someone is to granting them happiness”.

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