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    [...] As one of the propietors notes, it's a nice "touch" to Tuscan cuisine. Stefano, Matteo, and Max, whose combined ages hover at well less than 100, met at hotel school a few years ago. Their imaginative food plays with the classics in a marvelous way. Fortunately, they've done their homework. Redone is the classic bollito (mixed meats served with sauces); the meats are combined, encased with a raviolo covering, and graced with an egg sauce. Then there's the Tuscan club sandwich featuring not turkey, but fegatini (chicken liver spread). Any fears of eating raw egg in the classic Roman carbonara may be assuaged by watching the egg cook, briefly, tableside. Desserts are as creative as what comes before. [...]

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    Hidden behind an elegant facade with frosted glass and oyster-grey paintwork is this intimate dining space. Chefs use traditional Tuscan ingredients to create thoroughly contemporary dishes.

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